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Cleanroom Environments
USP 797 Specialists

Representing a leading manufacturer of modular cleanroom environments, that has designed, built and installed rooms ranging from Class 1 to Class 100,000 for Fortune 500 electronic, military, aerospace and pharmaceutical companies, TRIAD Design & Equipment is providing that same technology to hospital and alternate site infusion pharmacies for sterile IV compounding.
All designs meet or exceed the new USP 797 regulations for sterile compounding.

Modular cleanrooms are an economical, cost effective approach to your cleanroom needs. Whether building a new "hardwall" room, enlarging or upgrading an existing room, TRIAD strives to provide pharmacy with the most cost effective products available. Our cleanrooms utilize only the finest components and materials providing you the most reliable cleanroom system available:

• Extruded aluminum tube frames with "clear" plexiglass inserts.
• Integrated, heavy duty ceiling grid to accommodate Hepa filters, lights and ceiling tile.
• Fan powered Hepa filters, 99.99% efficient.
• Cleanroom grade sealed light fixtures.
• Vinyl ceiling tile.
• Built-in hospital grade duplex outlets for IV hoods, compounders, etc.
• Pass thru window chambers.
• Infra-red “touchless” stainless steel scrub stations with soap dispenser and hand dryer.

• Stainless steel work tables and storage carts.
• Garment racks and stainless steel changing benches.


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