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Complimentary Space / Design Services

With over 26 years of design consultation experience, TRIAD Design & Equipment’s team of pharmacy, laboratory and cleanroom design specialists can assist you in planning all of your pharmacy, laboratory and cleanroom needs.

TRIAD speaks your pharmacy and laboratory language, whether you’re an acute care hospital, laboratory, alternate site infusion, closed door or retail pharmacy.

TRIAD’S first response, when you contact us for a space design consultation, is to professionally
analyze the work/process flow of your environment. We consider every possible space design that can help optimize your pharmacy or laboratory's work flow. Then, using state of the art AutoCad technology, we present our recommendations in the form of an architectural quality design blueprint and cost proposal, all at no cost!

Once the design process is completed, TRIAD’S project coordination team becomes responsible for the transition from design to installation of your pharmacy, laboratory or cleanroom environment. We shoulder the responsibility of coordinating your requirements for electrical, plumbing, data/communication and HVAC with architects, general contractors and sub-contractors on the job ensuring you that all elements of your project are satisfied.

TRIAD’S factory trained project installation team meet the delivery trucks, unload and install your new pharmacy, laboratory or cleanroom environment on a predetermined schedule to complete the process from concept to completion.


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